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CREDITS Reflections: RVS Keuken Combine kitchen van Piero Lissoni voor Boffi, Kraan uitgevoerd in Electric blue van Vola, Cirkelwand afgewerkt met plaatmateriaal Polyrey S033 Strass Noir, binnenzijde van de cirkel Electric blue, glaspaneel met verloop van German Ermics, Outfit van Balmain FW18, Lamp Sun-Ra van Nanda Vigo voor JCP Design, Stoel Font Bold van Mobel Copenhagen, tafel Layering Transparency van Nina Cho , Rechts: Achterwand Leeuwerik – Corian Bone met de binnenzijde – Polyrey C169 Cuivre Rose Mat, Achterwand rechts + organische vlak Corian Aqua, stoel Hoff van Petite Friture, lamp  Arrangements van Michael Anasstiades voor Flos, room dividerl van Os & Oos, Outfit Bottega Veneta SS18, mint bijzettafel Framemust, paars metallic krukje van m-l-xl  | Monique van der Reijden & Michelle Verheijen © Trend Compass  


The trend Reflections presents a futuristic and high-tech interior with optical illusions and mirrored effects. Metallic and (semi) transparent materials are being mixed with the colours of water and air. Electric Blue is an accent which is used for neon or led lights and design objects. Vertical rib patterns in metal and foil optics make this techno atmosphere even stronger. The kinetic art is a new inspiration source. With coloured light projections and materials with pearl optics comes the interior into a movement.

Polyrey A106 Alu Brillant, Polyrey A111 Alu Toilé, Polyrey S033 Strass Noir, B195 Blue de Sèvres
Interieurdesign with milk glass
Mirrored stairs


Spaces like the hall or the stairs used to be not so important interior wise, but nowadays these areas are also being styled till the smallest details. Different materials like coloured glass, mirrors and strong scratch-and stain-free materials are combined. Create optical illusions and reflections in your interior with the ‘Pur Metal’ collection by Polyrey. Combine gloss and transparency with natural optics like natural stone (Corian Dusk) or ice (Corian Mint Ice).

Polyrey A106 Alu Brillant
Corian – Dusk

Retailconcept Doctor Monzana


In the interior architecture of the trend Reflections we find the influence from the 80’s with the comeback of the vertical ‘rib’ and ‘lamel’. This structure is processed in glass, metal and plastic. The new interior of the store Doctor Monzana is a beautiful example of how a futuristic atmosphere can still get a playful and ‘urban’ look. The diagonal lines give a retro feel and the coloured panels make the products stand out without breaking the rhythm of the lines.

Lamp Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades for Flos
Glass panels Horizon screen by Germans Ermics



A futuristic atmosphere is no longer hard and cold. With coloured light effects, round shapes and creative design your interior will receive an innovative, quiet and soft-pop look. Glistening and mirroring materials are being combined with matt surfaces like concrete and corian in ice colours. Transparent materials like glass are combined with warmer materials like textile or wood. The colour pallet is light with a mix of pastels. Sky blue and Neo Mint are trending. Black has disappeared like snow in the sun.

Polyrey C190 Céladon, Polyrey, Polyrey C169 Cuivre Rose Mat, Corian Mint Ice, Polyrey A106 Alu Brillant  


HThe gradient effect with iresident colours from hard materials takes a new value, the ground-breaking work from the Germans Ermics is a great example. Their use of glass gives this material a warm and artistic look. What also should be present in the Reflections interior is the serie Arrangements made by the designer Michael Anastassiades for Flos. These geometric shaped led light object can be combined in all kinds of ways. This is the perfect opportunity for every architect to show their creativity.

Atmosphere impression with table Font by Pulpo products
Side tables Plec by RS Barcelona
Shades, Shadows, and Reflections by Photographer Kate Jackling

With this trend you can use vertical lines in different manners, coordinate them in one room; use them for tables, room dividers, curtains and wall decoration.

Moodboard Reflections - Trend Compass
Mood 2 Reflections


As soon as the sunlight finds its way through the clouds the nature can be out of this world beautiful, or when the wind blows over the sea and creates these endless rib pattern. Reflections and optical illusions from water, ice and the sky are the inspiration source of this trend. The colour pallet is monochrome, light and airy. The contrast between materials is big in this trend: from smooth and reflecting to iridescent and ribbed.

Corian – Bone
Corian – Mint Ice
Corian – Aqua

Lamps Amisol by Daniel Rybakken
Kitchen design by Reform CPH



The colour ‘neo-mint’ is an important transgender-friendly trend colour for 2019 and 2020, we used it as the material Polyrey C190 Céladon. In addition to the ice coloured materials used in this trend is the styling in this interior more important. Accessories like handles, lamps and stair steps become eye catchers. Mirrors are must haves, the mirrors we use now are so prominent and artistic that you first look at the mirror itself before you look at your own reflection.

Polyrey C190 Céladon – extramat, Corian Glacier Ice, Corian Rain Clouds, Polyrey C169 Cuivre Rose Mat


The white spaces are redefined with big pastel-coloured surfaces. Combine white with pastel-pink, mint and salmon and add a, accent colour like neon or metallic. Design mirrors are a must have and should be presented as artworks in a room. ‘Lines’ are being marked by led strips or small neon pipes. Coloured metal with changeant optics does revive the 1980s feel.

Coloured metal chairs + table by
Art installation Marble Stories by Gustavo Martini
Glass Ripple by Ferm Living