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Mood Ikigai: Block wall made to measure by Polyrey HPL W009 Wengé Blanc Cérusé en Polyrey HPL P135 Essencia (with black woodstructure) van Leeuwerik, sink green marble, oak plank, towel rail Sen everything Agape and freestanding bath Dr Avas1090Z, Studio MK27, with earth- finishing, bath faucet Memory, dark brushed brass, sidetable by Salvatori -Piero Lissoni in verde alpi-marmer (Sjartec) Armchair Julep by Jonas Wagell for Tacchini, tabouret Meribel by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina both Just Haasnoot). Embroidered carpet Lan by Neri & Hu voor Gan Rugs, vases Chubby & Chamber by Wang & Söderström for Hay (Groen + Akker). black vases by Esther Sasse , glass art objects kby Wandler x Helle Mardahl. Easy Chair by Pierre Jeanneret in teak en rattan by Object Embassy. ceramic objects Vestige by Miles Le Gras, grey concrete flowerpot by Serax, plants via Intratuin, suspension lamp Object of Discussion by Maison Dada. Floor Marmoleum Splash 3430 in colour Salsa Verde by Forbo. Right: Interieurconstruction: Birch veneer wall-finishing and pivot door in black wood veneer wall in Oak Burned Carbon and right column in Corian Seagrass everything Leeuwerik. Easy chair by Pierre Jeanneret by Object Embassy. checkered plaid Objet Mural Jozua by Elle La. Sofa H102 by FDB Møbler, Bed Eclair by Britta Nerdich, pillows by Kvadrat-fabric Sprinkles for Zeitraum. Eco-matras van Bed Habits – natural rubber, decorative pillows Dazzle, kussen Pavilion Light Grey, down duvet, quilt Silver Pad, lightgrey plaid Nick, duvet-cover Stilo Celadon, with handpainted decorative pillows Ink in the well alles Mrs.Me. Lightsculpture by Valerie Jolly. Floor Novilon Viva Beton 5669 Warm Concrete by Forbo | Monique van der Reijden & Michelle Verheijen © Trend Compass 


Well-being is central to this new trend Ikigai with design influences from the East and West combined. A hybrid atmosphere inspired by the Japanese design aesthetic and the Scandinavian sense of warm minimalism. Slow Living features and artisan design dominate. Increasingly, the interior comes into contact with nature and there is a holistic approach to interior design.

Ikigai - Moods - Trend Compass
Samples: Duropal/Thermopal U19506 – Lelie, W009 – Wengé Blanc Cérusé, Zwart eiken, Corian – Seagrass



Trend Zenzucht - Trend Compass - Eigen Huis & Interieur
Trendproduction Zenzucht in cooperation with EH&I
Trend Zenzucht - Trend Compass - Eigen Huis & Interieur
Trendproduction Zenzucht in cooperation with EH&I


Ikigai - Polyrey - Leeuwerik
Polyrey W009 – Wengé Blanc Cérusé
Ikigai - Polyrey - Leeuwerik
Polyrey P135 – Pin de Nagoshi
Ikigai - Polyrey - Leeuwerik
Polyrey A106 – Alu Brillant


Handle the layout of a wellness area spatially and flexibly. The wall or space divider in this trend is also a sculpture in space. An elongated block is the basis with which the wall is built, allowing for different stackings, openings and setups. Each block is covered with the light grey ‘whitewash’ wood structure of the Wengé Blanc Cérusé with a finish in black oak on its side. There are no visible borders or lists. This creates a graphic 3D block game.



The IKIGAI trend has a breath of fresh air on the interior. Fresh greens symbolize the feeling of spring. The atmosphere is invigorating, light and natural with optics of wood and stone. Brushed aluminium, stainless steel and silver metallics give the new ‘shine’ in a tough, modest way.

Ikigai - Moods - Trend Compass - Cantilever
Kitchen Spring Street K2 by Martina Gemmola & cantileversinteriors.com, ph. Martina Gemmola


Hanglamp Cone - Warm Nordic - Ikigai - Trend Compass
Suspension lamp Cone by Warm Nordic
Trend Zenzucht - Trend Compass - Eigen Huis & Interieur
Trendproduction Zenzucht in cooperation with EH&I



Ikigai - Moods - Trend Compass
Samples: Polyrey C129 – Chêne Bastide, Corian – Light Ash, Corian – Domino Terrazzo, Duropal/Thermopal u19014 – Salie


South Yarra House - Mood Ikigai - Trend Compass
South Yarra House - Mood Ikigai - Trend Compass
Project: South Yarra House – Lande Architects
South Yarra House - Mood Ikigai - Trend Compass
ph. Derek Swalwell


That endless playing with the block box finally pays off because look at how creative blocks are applied in contemporary (interior) architecture. Architects go for games with stacks, rhythms and grids with block shapes both inside and outside and then coordinated with each other. Inside and outside is connected. Black and white-grey (in colour and concrete look) in combination with wood and ‘green’ is the new standard without the standard sizes!

Riva 1920 - Trend Compass
Stool Falò by Riva 1920
Sidetable Sho Ota - Gallery Mia Karlova - Ikigai - Trend Compass
Sidetable by Sho Ota (Gallery Mia Karlova)
Kengo Kuma pen - Ikigai
Fountain Pen Kengo Kuma


New handmade design from wood enhances the artisanal feel of the modern interior. The warm, natural look is second to none and timeless. These stools and accessories are reminiscent of the Chidori architecture that contemporary designers are inspired by within this trend movement.

Ikigai -` Moodboard - Trend Compass
Mood: Ikigai | trendcompass.nl

Moods Ikigai - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Black Veneer, Birch Veneer, Corian – Dusk, Corian – Verdant


Trend Zenzucht - Trend Compass - Eigen Huis & Interieur
Trendproduction Zenzucht in cooperation with EH&I
Vanity Composed - Dims - Trend Compass
Vanity ‘Composed’ by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio for Dims



Moods Ikigai - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Corian – Seagrass, Corian – Basalt Terrazzo, Corian – Verdant, Sycamore Figured – Fineer



Speckled dessins and optics are on the rise. The Terrazzo and granite look in materials is both decorative and practically less good stains, dirt or even minor damage sees on this material. In this trend, the balance is essential, so smooth, uni-coloured materials, for example in a soft green or grey tone, complete the atmosphere experience.


Make your vision work - Duropal/Thermopal
Photo: ‘Make your vision work’ by Duropal/Thermopal


Trendproductie Zenzuct - Trend Compass - Eigen Huis & Interieur
Foto: Trendproduction Zenzucht in cooperation with EH&I & Trend Compass – ph. Tim van der Most, Styling: Monique van der Reijden


In this modern bedroom or hotel suite that is part of the trendproduction ZenZucht voor Eigen Huis & Interieur you can see how light and dark wood structures are played with in a layering of, among other things, the walls. No more doors or corridors in sight but seamless passageways where the atmosphere is increased with indirect light. Large houseplants improve humidity and the nature experience. The ‘wooden bed’ is making a comeback with this luxury copy of Zeitraum with upholstered headboard for optimal comfort.


Samples Ikigai - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Duropal/Thermopal u19008 – Labrado, Corian – Light Ash, Berkenfineer, Oak Burned Carbon – Fineer


Kitchen islands and custom wall cabinets get a luxurious look & feel due to the soft and matte look of the FENIX collection. Beautiful and timeless.


Sample Fenix NTM Nero Ingo - Ikigai - Trend Compass
kitchentop + in Nero Ingo van Fenix NTM
Sample Fenix NTM Nero Ingo - Ikigai - Trend Compass
tabletop finished with Fenix NTM
Novacucina Nero Ingo - Ikigai - Trend Compass
@novacucina finished with FENIX NTM