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Mood Suite Noir: bathroom with black wooden slats in black oak & semicircular back wall in Yaya Nero veneer both from Leeuwerik, sheepskin stool by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia, bathtub Grate by Inbani, curved sofa by OOAA Arquitectura, side-table Gear burner 11,black side-table ‘Object Table’ by Svenningsen Studio, sculptural vase by Bloomingville, sheepskin pillows by Zinc Textile from The Romo Group and scent candle Graphite by Mad et len. Right: custom-made spiral staircase finished with black and light oak from the Leeuwerik Veneer collection. kitchendesign by Jim Dierckx, wine cooler G van Pietro Russo for Editions Milano, vase Single Stem by Simone Bodemerturner, armchair Bollo by Fogia en lightgrey vase ‘Stone Blend’ by Phil Cuttance| Monique van der Reijden & Michelle Verheijen © Trend Compass


The rise of black in the interior is remarkable. With a black color the atmosphere immediately gets an enormous boost. Timeless and fashionable, robust and elegant, minimalist and mysterious; the dynamics of black in one room cannot be equalled. Due extra matte options, graphic and organic structures have made black materials even more attractive to apply in a contemporary interior design. So let’s go black!

Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass
Materials: Black oak – Veneer, Decospan – Oak Black Burned – Fineer, Corian – Stratus, Yaya Nero – Veneer by Leeuwerik


Artpartners - Trend Compass
bedroom –
Artpartners - Trend Compass
walk-in-closet –


Tmatt Nero - Leeuwerik
Tmatt – Nero
Resopal Wooden Spirit - 0901 WS Black - Leeuwerik
Resopal Wooden Spirit – 0901 – WS Black
Fenix NTM 2628 - Zinc Doha - Leeuwerik
Fenix NTM 2628 – Zinco Doha



We get excited about these two bedroom interiors and walk-in-closet by Art Partner. The combination of black wood with ribbing structure and the warm naturals brings a wellness feeling in these spaces. The use of indirect light in the wall behind the bed, in the niche of the bench and subtly in the black display case ensures the perfect mood light and balances the whole.

Artpartners - Trend Compass
Resopal Wooden Spirit – 0901 – WS Black en Fenix NTM 0720 – Nero Ingo - Leeuwerik
Resopal Wooden Spirit – 0901 – WS Black en Fenix NTM 0720 – Nero Ingo



This interior idea is a state-of-the-art translation of the old-fashioned bedstee. Architects and interior builders create small open rooms to make optimal and multifunctional use of the space. Because the room is black, this sleeping place has yet a quiet & chic-sober look. During the day this bed could be used as daybed decorated with plaid and some decorative cushions and for the evening you have a cosy shelter place for privacy.

Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass - Paliychukolga
Kitchendesign from the T4 Appartement by interiorarchitect Paliychukolga


Corian - Deep Nocturne
Corian – Deep Nocturne
Yaya Nero - Veneer - Leeuwerik
Yaya Nero – Veneer



The black kitchen becoming increasingly popular, but this kitchen is ‘next level’ when it comes to the latest trends. Interior designer Paliychuk Olga creates a perfect combination of material, shape and design. The use of black in combination with tiles in a vertical grid pattern that runs through the ground is stylish and functional at the same time.


Norm Architects - Suite Noir - Trend Compass
Interiordesign by Norm Architects
Suite Noir - Trend Compass
bathroom by Angelica Chernenko



Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass
Materials: Corian – Deep Nocturne, Corian – Carbon Aggregate, Fenix NTM 0748 – Beige Arizona, Corian – Neutral Aggregate by Leeuwerik



The finish of walls with a weathered exterior look is becoming more common inside. Natural stone materials with a monumental appearance make the open bathroom a pleasure to look at. A spotted texture on the wall gives the livingroom a tough and lived-in appearance and the black details and accessories provides contrast and dynamic.


Accessoires van Cooee Design - Trend Compass
Accessories by Cooee design
VBijzettafel gear - Norr11 - Moods - Suite Noir - Trend Compass
Sidetable Gear by Norr 11
Corian - Leeuwerik
Washbasin finished in Corian – Carbon Aggregate


Nowadays, the warm atmosphere experience of the livingroom flows seamlessly into the kitchen. If you choose for a black kitchendesign, you are assured of a modern, tough but also architectural look. This trend signalment involves a combination in the interior of multiple shades of black and a mix of materials and structures.

Suite Noir -` Moodboard - Trend Compass
Mood: Suite Noir |

Moods Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Materials: black oak – Veneer, Polyrey C129 – Chêne Bastide, Corian – Neutral Concrete, Corian – Dusk by Leeuwerik


Keuken Nordiska Kök - Trend Compass
kitchen Nordiska Kök with black veneer and back in light oak
P. Residence - Trend Compass
Interiordesign P. Residence by Jim Dierckx ph. Cafeïne, Thomas De Bruyne



Polyrey C129 - Leeuwerik - Suite Noir
Polyrey C129 – Chêne Bastide
Shinnoki - Leeuwerik - Moods - Trend Compass
Shinnoki – Raven Oak
Corian - Silver - Leeuwerik
Corian – Silver Birch

Restaurant Tori Tori van Esrawe Studio - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Japanese restaurant Tori Tori Santa Fe by Studio Esrawe


In the interiors of the latest hotspots, black plays a dominant role. Often in the form of multiple black wood veneers and sheet materials applied to walls, ceilings and the open kitchen. Spectacular example is the Japanese restaurant Tori Tori Santa Fe from studio Esrawe in Mexico City. The cylindrical light sculpture of wood in the middle of the room is inspired by the armored breastplate of the Samurai.


Polyrey B192 – Bouleau Stevenson - Leeuwerik
Polyrey B192 – Bouleau Stevenson
Black oak - Leeuwerik
Black oak – Venneer


Restaurant Butcher Modgi Group - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Black bar with ribbing – restaurant Butcher House by Modgi Group


Design the wall cabinet with a niche, in the kitchen or create a niche in the wall off the livingroom to give an artwork the perfect place. Always consider by add some lighting that it should be dimmable. By covering the niche in a color or a contrasting material, it is even more optically ‘in the image’


Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass
Kitchen with niche by Tulle
Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass
Materialdetail – TP Apartment, Studio Arthur Casas


Stalen Suite Noir - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Materials: Polyrey – P114 Poivre, Corian – Rain Cloud, Polyrey – C129 – Chêne Bastide, Yaya Nero – Fineer by Leeuwerik


The black version of Fogia’s Bollo chair is our favorite for now, perfect seating comfort and an ultimate style statement! Decorations in the interior that are black have a subdued presence with a quiet appearance.


wall shelf Alba - Woodendot - Trend Compass
Wall shelf Alba in Chêne Noir by Woodendot
Tilde Grynnerup - Suite Noir - Moods - Trend Compass
Geometrical sculpture by Tilde Grynnerup
armchair Bollo - Fogia Trend Compass
Armchair Bollo by Fogia