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All eyes on brown & blue

Mood All eyes on brown & blue: Links: stalengroepjes: Yaya Nero fineer, Polyrey F026 – Feutre en Polyrey C018 – Chardon, houtfineer wand The Veneer by Decospan AMARA 4.12 van Leeuwerik, Trendbeeld, trendproductie Beeldbepalers voor de EH&I ism Trend Compass, ph. Kaatje verschoren. Sculpturale stoel Tellus en wandlamp Ceres beide uit de collectie Terra, 2020 Limited Edition van Llewellyn Chupin, vloer Marmoleum Cocoa kleur 3581 dark chocolate van Forbo, Achterwand Muurverf Copper Beech 314 en halfhoge muur: muurverf Plum Brandy 341 beide in zeer matte finish Pure Flat Emulsion van Paint and Paper Library Maé Lamp van Joris Poggioli, Vierkante salontafel BLEND-Cube van Ward Wijnants, Gestapeld servies van Glenn Sestig voor Valerie Objects, Wandspiegels-kledinghaken Cicala en Mousco van Margaux Keller, Geurkaarsen Cubisme van l’Object via ’‘s Zomers Bloemen, kopje Bol Brut, zwarte buisvaas You van Valeria Vasi via Folks. Bijzettafel Poétique van Jamie Hayon voor Cassina via Just Haasnoot en Fashion: Gauchère AW20. Rechts: Achterwand Polyrey M134 – Marbre Siroco, en houten achterwand in Shinnoki – Chocolate Oak van Leeuwerik,Frame Living System van Justin Hutchinson voor, wandlamp Stilo van Riflessi, wandmeubel uitgevoerd in: achterwand in Fenix NTM 0754 – Blu Fes en houtfineer Polyrey C129 – Chêne Bastide beide Leeuwerik, bijzettafel Discolation van Studio Buzao via Savannah Bay Gallery, fauteuil Lazybones, salontafels Calix en bank Piaf van Baxter, organische donkerblauw kleed Parade Paradiso van Dessotarkett, vaas van Julie Lansom, kussen van One Nine Eight Five, Arcade tafel van Crump & Kwash, vaas Drill, marmer & glass van Studio EO, hanglamp TRN van Pani Jurek
Monique van der Reijden & Michelle Verheijen © Trend Compass 


This new interior is as seductive as dark brown eyes, dark chocolate and espresso. The earthy and natural power of the trend color brown in the interior creates a warm and exciting atmosphere. Dark wood optics are lit up by chalkstone and marble. With accents in blue and camel, the space becomes fashionable and fresher. Furniture and accessories enhance the monumental feel of the space through its sacred design.

All eyes on brown - Moods - Trend Compass
Samples: Polyrey C119 – Cassis, Tmatt – Arena, The Veneer van Decospan in Amara 4.12, Yaya Nero – Fineer


Beeldbepalers - Eigen Huis & Interieur
photo: trendproduction Beeldbepalers, ph. Kaatje Verschoren
All eyes on brown & blue - bathroomdesign by Joanna Laven
bathroomdesign by Joanna Lavén




In the new trend production Beeldbepalers for Eigen Huis & Interieur and Feeling Wonen (BE) one of the walls is decorated with The Veneer in Amara 4.12 from the collection of Leeuwerik. In combination with the sustainable Marmoleum Cocoa floor by Forbo (colour 3581 Dark Chocolate) and the new extra matte wall paint Plum Brandy by Paint and Paper Library, the basis for a trendy yet timeless interior atmosphere is created.

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Polyrey C119 - Cassis - Leeuwerik
Polyrey C119 – Cassis
The Veneer van Decospan - Amara 4.12 - Leeuwerik
, The Veneer van Decospan – Amara 4.12
Corian - Dove - Leeuwerik
Corian – Dove

All eyes on brown & blue - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Photo: Kitchendesign by, ph. Armelle Habib & Simon Shiff – back in aubergine


Yaya Nero - Fineer - Leeuwerik
Yaya Nero – Fineer
Arpa Losa 3408 - Leeuwerik
Arpa Losa 3408 – Munè black



The atmosphere of the kitchen is always more in keeping with the rest of the interior. In fact; the traditional shape and arrangement of the kitchen is rapidly fading and merges complete with the overall ambiance of the interior. In this new kitchendesign by design studio Biasol, the kitchen looks more like a cocktail bar with a nice symmetrical arrangement, raised tabletop and lowered worktop like in a real bar. The kitchen cabinets are semi-transparent with an arch shape for a decorative effect. Multiple materials are mixed together and the trend colours dark blue and eggplant are tthe subtle eye-catchers

All eyes on brown & blue - Moods - Trend Compass - Pierre Yovanovitch
Photo: interiordesign by, ph. Jose Manuel Alorda

All eyes on brown & blue - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Yaya Nero – Fineer, Corian – Carbon Aggregate, Fenix NTM 0754 – Blu Fes, Corian – Juniper



Top architect Pierre Yovanovitch knows better than anyone how to translate the taste of the international Jetset into an exclusive custom made interior features top design and luxurious materials such as wood, natural stone, ceramics and bouclé wool fabrics a-la Chanel. In this light interior we see how the trend colours brown and blue has been applied as an accent where two semicircular niches are painted in an extra matte blue optic for a sense of depth. Special is the custom-made fireplace that continues in the décor like a panelling. We really would like to take a look here!


Stool Orbit van Matter Made - All eyes in brown
Stool Orbit by Matter Made
Valeria Vasi - Moods - Trend Compass
Ceramic vaes by Valeria Vasi
Margaux Keller Collections
Cloth hangers Mousco & Cicala by Margaux Keller Collections


Handmade vases in new monumental shapes add to the atmosphere. Style a few objects together for a serene and artistic decoration with, for example, the vases of Valeria Vasi. Both decorative and functional are the wall hangers featuring coloured mirror glass and are designed by Margaux Keller. Especially on a dark wall they really stand out.

Moodboard All eyes on brown & blue - Trend Compass
Mood: All eyes on blue |

Moods All eyes on brown & blue - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Yaya Nero – Fineer, Corian – Carbon Aggregate, Fenix NTM 0754 – Blu Fes, Corian – Juniper



Blue is the perfect colour in the interior to refresh the natural look of materials such as wood, natural stone, concrete and metal. The effect of this is that the atmosphere takes on both a fashionable and a classic twist. As in fashion, blue in combination with brown is rediscovered for a timeless and elegant style. Materials have clearly visible structures and veins. Ribbing and terrazzo options bring even more life to the interior.


In this trend, there is always a contrast between dark and light in a room. This makes it more difficult to achieve an ‘interior in balance’ but it makes the overall atmosphere experience more dynamic. Play in the base with natural optics but dare to add some trendcolors such as blue and brown.


Beeldbepaler - Eigen Huis & Interieur - Monique van der Reijden
Trendproduction Beeldbepalers, ph. Kaatje Verschoren
All eyes on brown & blue - Interieurontwerp Marcante Testa - Trend Compass
Interiordesign by Marcante Testa, ph. Carola Ripamonti


mix multiple shades of blue, such as a blue sofa with two cushions in a tone darker and lighter blue.


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Polyrey Or Brillant - Leeuwerik
Polyrey O101 – Or Brillant
Fenix NTM 0754 - Blu Fes
Fenix NTM 0754 – Blu Fes
Polyrey Premium Woods B101 - Leeuwerik
Polyrey Premium Woods B101 – Banian Noirci



In parallel with the rise of additional matte materials with wood, stone and concrete options, we signal the application of shiny and/or reflective materials. It is precisely the contrast between matte and shiny that increases the feeling of atmosphere and luxury.

All eyes on brown & blue - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Photo: Brae House by Georgina Jeffries, ph. Christine Francis.

Mood All eyes on blue - Trend Compass
Granit Fiandre – Arabescato Orobico, Terzo Piano
All eyes on blue - Trend Compass
Wunderkammer by Studio Pepe, Terzo Piano


Fluid Forces - Moods - Trend Compass - Leeuwerik
Samples: Polyrey B086 – Blue Caraïbes, Corian – Smoke Drift Prima, Fenix NTM 0719 – Beige luxor, Corian – Evening Prima



The ‘early adapters’ among the interior builders go a step further with blue and combine blue-coloured materials, accessories, rugs and wallpaper with each other. The coating of natural wood veneer in a trend color is also a trend signalment as you see in the bathroom design by Biasol Design. Ceramics with tye-dye and dip-dye designs is also trendy and no arty rug is more rectangular but preferably organic, round or geometric in shape.


Badkamerontwerp Biasol Design
Bathtoom Forever Home by Biasol Design, ph. Armelle Habib & Simon Shiff
Nordic Sea - Broste Copenhagen
Tableware Nordic Sea by Broste Copenhagen
Rug Himani van



In the trendproduction Beeldbepalers by magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur & Feeling Wonen you will discover more of these colors.